Sony Xperia Z - Application overview

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Application overview

Use the Alarm & clock application to set various kinds of alarms.

Use your web browser to navigate and view web pages, manage bookmarks,

text and images.

Use the Calculator application to perform basic calculations.

Use the Calendar application to keep track of events and manage your


Use the camera to take photos and record video clips.

Use the Contacts application to manage phone numbers, email addresses

and other information related to your contacts.

Access your downloaded applications, documents and pictures.

Use the Email application to send and receive emails through both private

and corporate accounts.

Use the Facebook™ application to engage in social networking with friends,

family members and colleagues around the world.

Browse and listen to FM radio stations.

Use the Album application to view and to work with your photos and videos.

Use the Gmail™ application to read, write and organise email messages.

Search for information in your device and on the web.

View your current location, find other locations and calculate routes using

Google Maps™.

Use the Play Store™ application to download free and paid applications for

your device.

Use the Messaging application to send and receive text and multimedia


Use the Video application to play videos on your device and share content

with your friends.

Use the Music application to organise and play music, audio books and


View news stories and weather forecasts.

Make phone calls by dialling the number manually or by using the smart dial


Optimise settings to suit your own requirements.


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Use the Hangouts™ application to chat with friends online.

Identify music tracks that you hear playing in your surroundings, and get

artist, album and other info.

Use YouTube™ to share and view videos from around the world.

Use the Backup and restore application to back up or restore content on your

device, such as contacts, text messages, bookmarks, calendar data, etc.

Use the Smart Connect™ application to set what happens in your device

when you connect or disconnect an accessory.

The Xperia™ Movie Creator automatically creates short videos of around 30

seconds in length using existing photos and videos. The application

automatically determines the timeline to create its movie.

Use the Support application to access user support in your device. For

example, you can access a User guide, troubleshooting information, plus tips

and tricks.

Some applications are not supported or listed by all networks and/or service providers in all



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